If you’re a part of a business, you realize how imperative customer service is. In addition, every business understands the importance of project management as well. Both of these ventures require communication, professionalism and positivity. If you’re looking to improve the quality of these branches within your company, than look no further than Systemation to help bring the necessary improvements to your business.

Systemation has a wide selection of different workshops. Available in customizable on-site classes and professionally run public workshops, we have the curriculum that is right for you. In addition, all of our business analysis training courses comply with IIBA’s BABOK v2.0. Below you will find our top five most popular workshop listings. You may also download an outline in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Want more information? Give us a call at 800.747.9783.

Workshop Listings:

  1. Fast Start® In Business Analysis, 3 Days Physical/24 Hours Virtual
  2. Mastering the Requirements Process, 3 Days Physical/24 Hours Virtual
  3. CBAP® Exam Preparation, 2 Days Physical/16 Hours Virtual
  4. Survival Skills for Analysts, 2 Days Physical/16 Hours Virtual
  5. Bringing Business Solutions to Life, 2 Days Physical/16 Hours Virtual

Not only are our business analysis training courses available to help improve quality customer service and project management for your business and also your project team members, but we’ve also listed below the top 5 most important attributes to ensure quality customer service:

  1. There’s nothing better than asking your customers exactly what they want and how they want it. Client feedback is essential for the performance of any business.
  2. Conducting focus groups with a group of customers using open-ended discussions is a great way to figure out what a customer really likes, dislikes, and wants to get out of your company’s services.
  3. Always be aware of your customer’s complaints and compliments. Every ounce of feedback from a client offers your business the ability to improve and learn from its mistakes.
  4. Set up a customer hotline is a great way to seek out truly honest opinions. Having online forums for customers to anonymously voice their opinions will offer an even greater platform to improve on customer satisfaction.
  5. Hiring a “Mystery Shopper” is a great way to genuinely uncover the truth about what your customer’s like or dislike. Use someone you trust to mingle with important clients to gain an even greater perspective on what is needed to improve customer satisfaction within your business.