By Laurel Bretting, Systemation Marketing Guru

Long time no see. That’s because we were concentrating on some special projects.  We produced a treasure trove of fun, exciting, and useful tools/resources. So, hop on our time machine (no roads, DeLoreans, or hoverboards required) and find out what we’ve been up to this past year:

Everything’s a Project: 70 Lessons from Successful Project-Driven OrganizationsSystemation’s very own CEO, Ben Snyder, wrote and published a book. It’s packed with hand-picked blog posts (from THIS blog) that help leaders focus on creating project-driven organizations. For more information and purchasing options visit the book’s website. Kudos to Ben. We are all very proud of him.

Return on Investment Calculator Ever wondered how much money and time project performance improvement training can save your organization down the road? Wonder no longer. We developed an ROI calculator that will spit out lots of useful, mind-blowing data. Give it a try, it’s free and will only take five minutes of your time.

Got Projects? We’ve always said “Everything’s a Project”. Now there is a workshop for the everyman/woman because the truth is not just project managers and business analysts work on projects, everyone does. Got Projects? is a  2-day workshop that brings together project management, business analysis, product development, and change management and makes it applicable for anyone and any type of project.  More details, class outlines, and public workshop dates.

Ask My PM Coach Google, it’s great for searching the web, right? But have you ever tried to look up a project management question with it? You may get a lot of web pages to sift through but it could take a long time to find a reliable source. What if you had one place to go to get a reliable answer to your project management question every time? Sound like a dream? It’s not! Enter Ask My PM Coach, the first of its kind cloud-based content engine specifically for project management. And the best part? All the content comes directly from our course materials and trusted facilitator. So you know you are getting consistent, useful, and trustworthy answers.

Workshop to Workplace (W2W) In-class performance improvement training is Systemation’s bread and butter but we realize that once a student leaves the classroom it’s difficult to actually start using the new tools and techniques they learned back on the job. That’s why we have developed a new suite of services that assist the student and their manager in making sure they transfer what they learned during class into practice. The after-care suite includes: student accountability agreements, performance booster emails, manager support packets, Ask My PM Coach*, and 1-on-1 virtual coaching*.  Contact one of our program consultants at or 800.747.9783 for more information.
*additional cost

Now that you are all caught up on the past let’s take a peek at the future. We are excited to bring back the People, Projects, and Organizations blog! That’s right, new posts on everything projects. We’ll  also be focusing on providing you value and entertainment via social media with contests, giveaways, infographics, and more. So be sure to stalk us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter.

Happy New Year!